Tom - What happened next?

Tom was with Fruitful Oaks for a year, mentoring Matt and being a generally great guy! He left to take a full-time job as a lorry driver, but his impact in Fruitful Oaks (and many of your gardens!) lives on...

Tom's story, in his own words:


I have always had a lot of spiritual interests: philosophies, religions including New Age. I was interested in things you couldn't see. I believed in the spiritual world, but couldn't pinpoint who or what governs it. The idea that there were many ways to God was my thing. The problem that I had was I never really found these were satisfying. Through all my looking, I never found my true enlightenment, I never found the truth.

You know when there is something missing, but I couldn't find it. I was hungry, but didn't know what for.


A lady approached my wife Analia and invited us to an Alpha party and we decided to do an Alpha Course. Alpha is an introduction to Christian beliefs and deals with the truth about Jesus in a friendly relaxed atmosphere. It wasn't that I didn't know about Jesus, my upbringing took me to church on occasions, but I had never had a clear idea of him. I felt the people who were running the course had something special. I was invited to go to their church and there I encountered God in a way I never had experienced before. I felt God's presence, I fell on my knees and knew God loves me and that he exists, God's presence overwhelmed me. It was clear to me that it was Jesus. In the Alpha Course I learnt that because of his love for me, Jesus died on the cross to take away my sin, my rebellion towards God, and that he rose again to make me right with God and to give me life eternal. This truth in the Alpha Course and the presence I experienced in church impacted me. I knew then that I had found my home; that was where I wanted to explore now, where I wanted to be and be part of.


Since being a Christian, I have become a different person. I am more confident and not so fearful of the future because there is now no uncertainty. The Bible says what he will do. I read all those books, but nothing that I had read before was so clear. You can rely on God's word. You feel safer. Knowing God gives me purpose in life, gives me reason to live, it drives me. For me the truth is the main factor. The Bible says the truth sets you free and I believe that. Nothing can disturb it. It is permanent. Foundational. What is your truth, what do you base your life on?